Unity Helicopter Tutorial

A few years ago, I wrote a tutorial which described how to write a simple helicopter flight simulator in the Unity game engine. I’ve re-uploaded this tutorial here so that others can use it.

I discourage the use of this tutorial, as it was written years ago, and much of the information provided is now inaccurate, and may no longer hold true. Readers should take the information within with a grain of salt.

PDF Download

Project Download

11 responses to “Unity Helicopter Tutorial

  1. Hey bro, thanks for this tutorial. I still haven’t used it but I know it will be amazing. I have a request. Can you please make a tutorial like for fps or tps. I am new to unity and I have watched many videos but still can’t figure out how to make a gun and how to make it shoot. And also I can’t figure out how to make enemies and player health. Please help me if you can. Thanks.

  2. Hi, its very interesting tutorial. Please help me in a problem the helicopter jerks when it goes to height, please how to fix this problem. I am waiting for your answer.
    Gulfam Asghar

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